Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Building Great Marriages ~ Couples Workshops with Joy Burton

Couples do not need to attend workshops in any particular order, and can jump into the series at any time. Workshops are inclusive and open to all married or committed couples (age 18+). Register for workshops at or contact us for a private class.

Couples Workshop: Knowledge is Power (2 hr)

Learn about marriage and your own unique partnership. We'll explore surprising factors that predict a happy marriage, the seven principles for making marriage work, and the ONE mindset that successful couples have that prevents them from growing apart.

Couples Workshop: Sex, Romance, Affection, and Friendship (5 hr)

A workshop for married and committed couples who know the best is yet to come. Learn the secrets of keeping the romance no matter what your age, physical condition, how many kids you have or how long you've been together. Learn the ten things that happy, satisfied couples do that are distinctly different from couples that report difficulty with sex and romance. Build your fondness, respect, and admiration for each other to keep your foundation strong.

Couples Workshop: How to Fight, Solve Problems, and Overcome Gridlock (5 hr)

How couples fight is one of the main ways to predict whether a couple will stay together or achieve lasting happiness. Learn new ways to address problems, how fighting can be good for your relationship, and what to do when you’re gridlocked. Set new patterns that leave behind destructive behaviors, and see how conflict can provide opportunities to grow closer.

Couples Workshop: Change, Growth, and Stress (2.5 hr)

All lifelong partnerships are tested by the winds of change. Learn how to confidently handle the stresses and changes in our lives and relationships, how to change yourself and your marriage for the better, and how to grow together instead of apart. Discover practical tools and attitudes that successful couples embrace to deal with the stress that comes with growth and change.

Couples Workshop: Building Trust and Creating Shared Meaning (2.5 hr)

Trust is one of the pillars of a strong marriage and partnership. But what are the specific strategies, attitudes, and actions help you build greater trust daily? We'll discuss ways to truly enhance your love and commitment and create a deeper sense of shared meaning and purpose in your relationship and in your lives. Explore what it takes to move your relationship to the next level in fulfillment and satisfaction. When we create shared meaning, we honor our deepest callings as human beings and achieve our highest potential together.

Couples Workshop: Money and Marriage (2.5 hr)

It's not only a common source of arguing, it’s also one of the most critical areas you need to handle wisely – together. Learn why money can be hard to talk about and agree on, and how to discuss financial matters in a way that nourishes your relationship. Find out how to get on the same page as your partner regarding today and the future. We'll discuss some surprising things that couples who are not yet married should do BEFORE marriage, and what successful couples do to thrive.

Couples Workshop: Parenting and Marriage (2.5 hr)

Parenting and step-parenting present some of the biggest challenges in our lives as couples. What do successful couples do differently that help them not only be great parents but also keep their marriages strong and growing? What are the pitfalls to avoid that often tear couples apart while raising children? We'll discuss proven parenting techniques and the 5 key strategies you need to stay deeply connected as a couple while raising a family.