Private Coaching

Building Great Marriages: Concierge Marriage Advising/Coaching

I've been working with couples since 1998, and in all that time my couples have a divorce rate of less than 1%. How is this possible, in a country with a divorce rate of about 40-50%? It's because the tools and strategies I share are research-proven, and my couples are ready to put their marriage first.

Concierge Marriage Advising and Private Coaching

Today's couples face unprecedented challenges, and as your relationship advisor I can help guide you towards the healthy, permanent, loving commitment you desire. All in the comfort and privacy of your own home, office, or online at your convenience. Whether you'd like to simply ask questions and receive advice, or have a completely customized coaching class on the topic of your choice, private sessions are available to help you and your spouse get closer than ever, learn new patterns and ways of thinking, and spend quality time together as you make your marriage the priority it deserves to be.

Cost of Services:

1-hour Session $60

1.5-hour Session (recommended) $90

Package of four 1.5-hour Sessions $300

Hours: By Appointment Only. 9am-3pm Weekdays.

Location: Your home or office (recommended) or for long-distance assistance I am available for virtual appointments via Google Hangouts/Skype

Who Can Benefit from Private Coaching Sessions and Concierge Advising?

Many of my couples have thriving, healthy relationships and they are looking for fun ways to increase their closeness and romance. Others find me at a time when they are encountering the challenges of life. All of my couples want to make their marriage the best it can be and are open to learning new tools, techniques, and thought patterns that are research-proven to work.

Couples workshops and concierge marriage coaching are not for couples in crisis, those struggling with addiction, or in need of mental health support. Coaching and workshops are not a substitute for therapy or counseling.

Sessions are truly only effective when both partners are present. However, I can work with spouses individually if desired.

How Do We Get Started?

First, talk with your partner about the topics you'd most like to learn about. Contact me to set an appointment and let me know what you'd specifically like to address. You may be given some preliminary homework to do before our appointment so that we make the most of our time together. You may request a customized coaching class for just the two of you on a topic of your choice, or keep the session open to simply ask questions and get advice.