Attend ceremonies, rituals and other events with Joy

  • Feel free to come to any open Living Earth Church service or other public event. 
  • for the calendar and to join our community
  • You can join as a member and get automatic invitations
  • Family friendly and welcoming to all
  • Information about Living Earth on our static website

Invite Joy to Speak or Present

  • Contact for more information
  • Topics include the modern Earth religions movement, Marriage and Relationships, Science and Earth-based Spirituality, Group dynamics, Ritual and Ceremony Collaboration and Creation, Parenting and Step-Parenting, and more.
  • Available as a speaker, panelist, ceremonialist or officiant.

Memorial Services and Funerals

  • Memorial services and funeral services are also available
  • Rates are the same as weddings
  • Joy provides free memorial services for active members of the Living Earth community