I've been performing weddings since 1998, and in all that time only one couple has gotten divorced. How is this possible, in a country with a divorce rate of about 40%? Whether you're already married, just want to be on the right track as things are getting serious, or a single person looking to learn about how to have a healthy committed relationship the next time around, my marital preparation and coaching services are available to you.  

In addition to nineteen years of ministerial experience working with couples, twelve years of teaching, and a Master's degree in Education, I am also an approved Gottman Institute Seven Principles Program Leader. The work of Drs. John and Julie Gottman of the Gottman Institute is integral to my work, and their pioneering evidence-based research into what really makes marriage successful has proven to effective and significant not only to my couples but to me personally in my own marriage.

Meetup Group and Workshop Series


Free to join - Monthly workshops - Q&A - Community Events

Are you looking for new ways to make your marriage rock-solid and deeply fulfilling? Are you single, and want to learn how to make your next relationship the best it can be? Perhaps you're a couple struggling to weather life's storms, and some coaching could give you the skills and tools to strengthen your marriage. If the topic of marriage interests you, join this community! Meet other couples who care about their marriage, get secular, research-based coaching on how to make your marriage happy and fulfilling, and learn more about what makes a successful marriage. While we'll draw from several sources in our coaching classes, discussions, and workshops, a primary text we will be using is Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by Dr. John Gottman.

Private Coaching

For married partners: Are you wanting something more from your relationship? Do you have repeating patterns that don't feel good, and want to find a new way to interact? Perhaps you don't have the type of serious problems that require full-on counseling or mental health support but you DO want to learn new tools and skills to make your marriage the most fulfilling and loving it can be. Marriage coaching can help!

For engaged or seriously dating couples: Want to find out if he or she is the right one for you? Are there things you'd like help discussing before you move forward in your relationship? Are you curious about whether you are ready for marriage?

 Today's couples face unprecedented challenges, and as your relationship advisor I can help guide you towards the healthy, permanent, loving commitment you desire.

Cost of Services: 
1-hour Session $60
1.5-hour Session (recommended) $90
Package of four 1.5-hour Sessions $300